About us

Sailing on the "SIORA" on Lake Garda!

We are Hans and Anna Renner and we would like to tell you our story of adventure here. It's a story of boats, ships, catamarans, gondolas and yachts.

Hans and Anna


Our story

Everything was actually meant to stop in 2019. We had sold our last boat, a smaller wooden gaff schooner in Garda, and we had planned our retirement. But then Covid brought a lot of time in which to think. Our love of Lake Garda, our longing and "homesickness" for it had never gone away, and so we decided to go back to offering sailing trips, at least in the summer months, with a new boat and a new mooring (Riva del Garda, Canale della Rocca).

We have gone from being retired to being anything but!

The idea was born, so off we went to new/familiar shores and started all over again!

We needed to find a good mooring and port of departure and, of course, a suitable sailing boat. Searching for it reminded us of 2003.

That was when we started our adventures with the "Siora Veronica" in Riva del Garda. We bought a historic but decaying freight-carrying, steel sailing boat (built in 1926); we worked hard to lovingly restore it and then used it for tourist trips. Originally the boat was called “Veronica”, but after the restoration and refurbishment we christened it “Siora Veronica”.

In 2005, we moved to Malcesine and sold the "Siora Veronica" there in 2009, after 7 very interesting years. Having 50 guests on board was too much for us. Since then, the "Siora Veronica" has changed owners several times but is still in tip-top condition and sails across Lake Garda.

We simply couldn't leave things alone... In 2015, we brought a smaller 2-masted wooden gaff schooner from Port-Camargue in France to Lake Garda. We named this boat “Siora Bianca”. The mooring and port of departure for sailing trips was, and is still, Garda. In 2019, we sold this gem of a boat to younger owners, to our friends Katrin and Marcel, as a complete package (i.e., including company and licence). The "Siora Bianca" still offers great excursions and evening sunset trips for 10 guests.

Now in 2022, after a long period of thinking and sounding things out, and with a mooring in Riva del Garda – the northern sailing waters are a bit cooler, but less windy – after the historic, steel, freight-carrying boat, "Siora Veronica" and the traditional wooden gaff schooner, "Siora Bianca", we decided to search for a third time to find a suitable sailing boat, and found a more modern yacht built in America! We christened her "Siora".

The yacht "Siora